JobOrganization DescriptionJob DescriptionJob Qualifications
Researcher and Developer for a Natural Solar Technology CompanyBased on highly-efficient, low-cost DSC modules, with emphasis on the global PV market, this company offers a superior alternative to traditional PV modules. With a keen focus on next-generation technology, its combination of low-cost raw materials, simple manufacturing process and increasingly higher cell efficiency, result in a revolutionary solar energy solution.The Researcher and Developer will assist the engineers in their lab work as they research and develop new technologies that are setting the new path for solar technology in Israel.Ideal for a chemistry or materials engineering student.
Researcher for a Designer and Manufacturer ApplicationThis company is a leading designer and manufacturer of exceedingly accurate frequency and timing solutions and products suitable for Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications, Research and other applications.The Researcher will conduct research for the company using SolidWorks.Relevant experience or majoring in/degree in field.
Assistant Solar Engineer for a Solar Energy FirmThis company's revolutionary solar power generation solution is the most advanced modular solar-hybrid system in the world. It allows uninterrupted, green power 24 hours-a-day to both grid-based and off-grid locations.The Assistant Solar Engineer will assist in securements, inspections, quality control, optical calcualtions on-site, and more.Civil engineering student
Assistant Engineer for a Smart Baby ProductThis company is creating a smart baby rocking device which will attach to strollers, cribs and bassinets to help rock and sooth the baby, while getting audio feedback and learning what motions the baby prefers.The Assistant Engineer will assist in the development of a new product.Background in engineering
Drone and Software Quality Assurance TesterClearvuze is developing solutions for scene understanding based on drone video.Testing software on consumer drones and mobile devices. This is a crucial role since this person will help us find bugs and other issues in our apps before we release them to customers insuring a great customer experience!Fluent English (mother tongue), no Hebrew required BA ideally with a major in Computer Science or Engineering, but not required Is excited about flying drones and has access to a car.
Structural Engineer for an Engineering FirmAn Israeli structural engineering firm.The Structural Engineer will work with the team to review plans and manage construction sites.Background in structural engineering - at least three years of schooling.
Assistant Electronic Engineer for an Electronic Engineering FirmElectronic engineering firm which provides electronics to the State of Israel as well as the Weizmann Institute.The Assistant Electronic Engineer will work with the firm's engineers to design and develop many unique pieces of electronic equipment.Background in electronic engineering.
Engineer for a Solar Technology FirmThis company is a technology provider and Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) of solar thermal power plants. It offers a complete technology service package for solar electric systems with parabolic trough technology optimized for all kinds of local conditions.The Engineer will join the firm's engineers and assist with product development.Background in engineering
Transportation Researcher for the City of JerusalemThe Department of Environment is responsible for implementing municipal policies in the environmental field. EPA directs the Department professionally, and even finances the operating budget of the department.This Department is looking to hire a researcher to study the effects that traffic has on pollution as well as other projects based on the current Jerusalem traffic situation.Degree in transporation, civil engineering, or environmental engineering.
R&D Engineer for a Pharmacy CompanyDeveloping ophthalmic drug delivery products. The company's initial target development is a non-invasive punctal plug designed to release glaucoma drugs, controlled over a long period of time. Currently compliance is only about 30% with the eye drops containing the drugs, and as such glaucoma remains the leading cause of blindness. Eximore's product will relieve the patients from the need to apply daily eye drops and will solve the compliance problem.The research position will involve working in the lab, assisting the engineers and scientists in the development of a new, breakthrough drug delivery technology.Chemistry or pharmacy Degree
Mechanical Engineer for a Robotic Start UpA robotic start up whch is currently developing robotic luggage.The Mechanical Engineer will create solid mechanical designs which will be produced in Chinese factories.Degree in mechanical engineering or similar discipline
Engineer for a Solar Renewable Energy FirmAn international renewable energy company focused on the development and management of utility-scale solar fields in renewable energy emerging markets. It partners with energy financial partners, governments, development groups, and institutions to structure socially responsible investments.The Engineer will joing the product development team in the creation of products like mini-grids and battery storage. He will also conduct research for the firm including topics like mapping renewable resources in Africa, policy challenges with renewable energy, private company involvements, new projects and more.Background in environmental engineering
Engineer for a Smart Sustainable Garbage ComapnyA smart residential waste management solution.This company is looking to hire an engineer to improve current products and assist with the development of future products.Degree in mechanical engineering.
Chemical Engineer for a Baby Food ProductThis company is developing an innovative technology to produce infant milk substitute with other ingredients that contain a very similar composition to the original brest milk.The Chemical Engineer will assist the company in developing its formula and testing different molecules in order to enhance absorption of the immune system factors in food formula for babies.Background in chemical engineering
Telecom Engineer for a Communications High-Tech CompanyA hi-tech company specializing in the design and implementation of complex communication systems.Work at a communication high-tech company, managing their VOIP infrastructure and Networkexperience in VOIP infrastructure and Network
Statistical Analyst and Researcher for a Road Safety AuthorityAn independent national road safety authority that strives to form a safe driving culture and reduce the number of crashes and fatalities in Israel. It advises the Minister of Transport and emergency rescue organizations, promotes marketing campaigns to increase public awareness, and operates a system to oversee activities of the local traffic authorities.The Statistical Analyst and Researcher will create statistical analysis reports of road accidents, summarize guidelines and research related about foreign infrastructure in comparison with Israeli infrastructure, and create lectures and tutorials for English-speaking audiences.Computer skills: Excel, Power Point, good interpersonal skills. Educational background in one of the following: Education in engineering with priority traffic and transportation engineering, knowledge of statistics, statistical analysis, the ability to work with safety measures, knowledge of data analysis and data collection, and training and ability in public speaking.
Position for a Jerusalem MakerSpaceA Jerusalem based co-working place for builders, hackers, makers, creators featuring a fully equipped metal shop, and artist studiosOn the physical side: 1. Building a 3D scanner 2. Operating and building 3D printer 3. Smart lock system developement 4. Building a CNC carving machine On the design, web and local administration there are: 1. Building a proper site for the lab, including a blog 2. find new ways to reach new audiences through the new media 3. Building a system to monitor and create a mailing list from visitors 4. Developing workshops and courses for both kids and adults about design, making, electronics, DIY and everything in between.Educational background in design or engieering.
Transportation Associate for a Government BodyA body that deals with the planning of public transport in the Jerusalem metropolitan area.This company is looking to hire a transportation associate to assist with various duties such as:
- Surveying and documenting bus stops in the city
- Literature survey and internet research about public transporation throuhgout the world
- Conducting internet research to gather data on traffic incidents throughout the world
- Visiting bus stops to see if repairs were made
Educational background in geography or transportation engineering. Knowledge of GIS a plus.
Mechanical Engineering for a Manufacturing Engineering FirmAn industry-leading mechanical engineering design firm. It specializes in the development of medical devices, lab equipment, production tooling, electronic enclosures, test and consumer products, as well as in assists companies in product cost reduction and all documentation required to meet ISO, CE, and FDA requirements. It works alongside industrial designers, plastic materials experts, electronics development firms, software and control engineers, prototyping specialists, and manufacturers in machining, sheet metal work, and molds.The Mechanical Engineer will will help design mechanical parts ranging from those used in machinery, complete production lines, medical devices, solar energy projects and all types of mechanical and electric devices. He will assist with research for the project including the purchase of items.Background in engineering, knowledge of Solid Works software.
Biomedical Engineering Assistant for a Medical Technology Start-upThis company designed designed a product consisting of specialized software and virtual reality glasses that the patient can use at home. By combining a clinic, nursing, and home approach, this company improves rehabilitation outcomes, eliminates patient non-compliance, and accelerates recovery time.The Biomedical Engineering Assistant will conduct medical research, algorithm research and implementation, data processing, and signal processing.Requirements: - Background in Biomedical, Electrical or similar Engineering (at least some basic experience in industry or courses in engineering like matlab, algorithms, etc.) - Knowledge of Health industry is a bonus. - Ability to research and understand medical material - Knowledge on signal processing and algorithms Technical Programming skills (Matlab/Octave/etc) - Programming skills (C++, C#) is a bonus - Strong communications, interpersonal and teamwork skills - Strong organizational skills and ability to work within tight deadlines - Ability to manage projects with minimal supervision - Ability to work with a variety of personality types, including highly technical professionals and medical teams
Drafter for a Civil Engineering FirmA company that focuses on structural design of public construction projects, commercial projects and civil engineering structures.The Drafter will draw sketches for the structural engineering firm using AutoCad and other sketch programs. He will also conduct calculation checks of structures and learn how to use STRAP, a software which can design structures and simulate the laoding patterns and reactions.Structural engineering student, Architectural Technologist, or Civil Engineer (who wants to draft) or Architect (who wants to draft) i.e. draw building sketches on AutoCAD software
Assistant Developer for a Biotech CompanyA biotech company whose platform technology has both diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Currently, the company is focused on developing a diagnostic kit for Graft versus Host Disease (GVHD). GVHD is a life threatening complication of allogeneic (non-self) stem cell transplantation ? such as bone marrow, peripheral blood or cord blood transplantation and solid organ transplantations. The cells from the donor react adversely to the cells in the patient.You will be working for this biotech start up will be working hand-in-hand with the CEO of the company. The intern will be joining meetings and be responsible for keeping the notes. Additionally you will be working on the logistics for the company, arranging meetings and assisting the CEO with meeting the goals of the company. If you have a background in biotech will be given additional responsibilities, such as technical tasks, patent research, communications with investors on a scientific level, and be assisting with presentations.Degree in biotech.
Biotechnologist for a Medical Device CompanyA medical device company that develops molecular diagnostic tests for the rapid detection of infectious diseases.The Biotechnologist will perform Analytical and Clinical Validation of In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) Kits, perform DNA extractions of various bacteria, and develop technician based skills.Preferably a 3rd year or greater in Science (Biomedical, Biology, Chemistry), background with lab experience.
Mechanical Engineer for Bio-Medical CompanyThis company is an Israeli startup based in BioHouse Hub in Hadassah Ein Kerem, Jerusalem. It is developing an acoustic platform with applications in different industries, including environmental monitoring, water treatment, and medical aid.The Mechanical Engineer will assist with the development of a new protoype.Needs to know SOLIDWORKS and have it on their computer (as of 7/18)
Electrical Engineer for a Biotech CompanyThis company is creating a bioimpedance needle that can distinguish between different kinds of tissues by measuring their electrical propertiesCompany looking to hire electrical engineer to joing engineering team.Senior level (or higher) in electrical engineering or biomedical engineering.
Engineer for a Cancer Treatment CompanyThis company has developed a new medical device that enables healthcare professionals to quickly, inexpensively, and non-invasively treat cancer without side effects compared to conventional treatments.The Engineer will assist in the development of a medical device for cancer treatment.Background in medical or biotech engineering. GPA above 3.8
Science Position for a Solar Cell LabOur research is concentrated on the design and production of new excitonic solar cells, combining radically new materials with novel architectures.Looking to hire someone who will be assisting with the fabrication of solar cells.background of BA in chemistry or material science
Electrical Engineer for a Wearable Biotech CompanyA biotechnology company focused on bringing wearable biotech into the next stage of technological developments.Employee will be working hands-on with the team of engineers, developing and testing the upcoming products.Degree in Electrical Engineering
Computer Engineer for a Visual Impairment TechnologyThis company enables people with visual impairment to know which objects are around them and where they are located. Users also gain a new form of perceptual experience of their visual elements through a new sensory language composed of musical notes and speech.The Computer Engineer will help create an app that conveys visual objects through sound and assist with web programming in order to create the company's training program.We need people who are highly independent and with an entrepreneurial spirit. Strong interpersonal skills. The company's culture is to work closely with blind and visually impaired users and students need to be capable to do so with respect and understanding of our users' needs and good communication skills.
Should have experience in:
1) Mobile development (esp. android)
2) Web programming
Assistant Transportation EngineerA leading Israeli based transportation consulting firm, providing services both in Israel and worldwide.The Assistant Transportation Engineer will assist with urban and transporation planning.Background in urban planning or transportation engineering.
Electrical Engineering or Computer ProgrammerThis company has created a new optical tracking system technology for VR and a variety of other sectors that represents a breakthrough in both speed and accuracy. It combines optics, electronics and algorithms to offer a device urgently needed for current product development in multiple industries. Its initial market focus is to develop an inside-out six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking system for the VR market.The Electricial Engineer or Computer Programmer will be assisting with hardware and software development.Degree in Electrical Engineering
Researcher and Developer for a Gas-Safety CompanyThe company is active in the field of gas detection-mainly for the industrial applications (EHS), gas delivery systems (mainly for the I.C market), emission control systems & EHS consulting.The Researcher and Developer will join the team developing a new technology which will be a key player in the Israeli gas detection market.Smart, prefers masters students but undergrad students may apply, chemistry or physics.
Robotic Electronic Systems DeveloperThis startup is developing an virtual/non-virtual personal assistant based on a unique artificial intelligence engine intergrated with room appliances.This company is looking to hire a computer programmer to assist with the engineering development of an artificial-intelligence robot.Degree in electronics of engineering.
Engineer for a Robotic Start UpA start up that invented the Robotic Printer, a little robot that runs on the paper and prints, instead of having the paper feed through the device, allowing the printer to be very small in size and at the same time print on different sizes of paper. The company launched with a successful Kickstarter campaign, has won prestigious awards, including the Best of Innovation at CES 2015, and has released its product in 2016 together with the top retailers across the globe.Looking to hire an Engineer who will be tasked with a number of development projects to accomplish under the direction of the team's engineers. There will also be product testing involved.Recent graduate who studied electrical or mechanical engineering. Preference for candidates who have worked with LabView.