Take a year off without taking a year off

Hundred of jobs in all types of industries

Plug in Jewishly

Work side-by-side with Israelis forming authentic relationships

Travel and experience Israel

Daily inspiring classes

International networking to grow your career

Get paid while living abroad

Innovative programs for extra-ordinary people

Connect to your heritage

The Job

Our broad network includes hundreds of jobs in nearly every industry. Our host companies include a vast range of companies, ranging from up-and-coming Israeli start ups to fortune 500 companies like KPMG and the Waldorf Astoria. You’ll soon see that Israelis and their “sandals and blue jeans – let’s get it done attitude” translates into a great professional experience!


While participating in the JPro program, you can expect to work approximately 35 hours per week.

Our Partner Programs:

IGNITE for Women

IGNITE for Women

Ignite for Women is Olami’s premier Jewish learning program for the modern Jewish mind. While not at your job, you can expect to spend your time delving into your spirituality and your soul, while gaining life skills for self development and personal growth.
Ohr Somayach for Men

Ohr Somayach for Men

Exciting programs for all levels and Jewish backgrounds!  Spend the time when you’re not working by exploring your heritage and spirituality in deep and relevant way!


September 1st, 2021 – May 31st, 2022

Financial info

We assist you to negotiate a salary with the host company!

$150 Job Headhunter Fee, then $400-$600 a month towards rent payment*

*Price dependent on qualifying for scholarship from Olami (AY scholarship) . Flight not included.

Questions? Email leeba@jproisrael.com