Job TitleOrganization DescriptionJob DescriptionJob Qualifications
Social Media Specialist at a Speech Therapy CenterWe are a team of passionate speech and language professionals, working with children, teens and adults. We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of speech therapy and communication care for clinical issues or communication coaching. We add optimism and care to our decades of experience and expertise in helping people achieve their communication goals! We work privately, deliver workshops and presentations, and we are at the forefront of research and advocacy engaging professionals, individuals, and the public.You will be working hands-on with social media and digital platforms for their business in Israel and in the United States. You will also have the opportunity to shadow during speech therapy.Experience with social media. Interest in the medical field is a plus
Geology Analyst for a Geology Reseach InstituteThe Geological Survey of Israel (GSI), founded in 1949, is a government institute operating under the Earth Science Research Administration within the Ministry of National Infrastructures, and is involved in earth science research and development in the broadest senses, adapting itself to the changing needs of a small and dynamic country.This Research Institute is lookign to hire a Geolgoy Analyst to analyze water level data from different boreholes. Research will include pumping tests, barometric effects, and tidal effects. The Analyst might also assist with field work, such as measuring levels, temperatures, and salinity.Educational or work experience in field work or lab analytics.
Researcher and Marketer for a Research InstituteThis Research Institute delivers quality research, health promotion programs, scientific grant writing, and journal articles and submissions. It also conducts focus groups, in-depth interviews, and IRB ethics committee requests.The Researcher and Marketer will research, construct presentations, and attend health health workshops. He will also assist with clinical trials which include marketing the opportunities and lcoating individuals to take part in the studies.Educational background or work experience in research and marketing. Great opportunity for a pre-med or biology student.
Classroom Assistant in a Pediatric HospitalA pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation hospital. It treats children with a wide range of congenital and acquired conditions including cerebral palsy, neuromuscular diseases, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, burns, terror and motor vehicle accident victims.The Classroom Assistant will work in the Infant Day Center and assist the educational staff. Daily duties will involve welcoming the students in the morning, interacting and playing with the children, assisting the children with meal time, doing activities with the children, and preparing them to go home. Other responsibilities may include setting up the sensory room, giving games out to the children, and other tasks.Pre-med, nursing, or education student. Must be responsible and have patience for children with special needs. Must know basic Hebrew.
Health Administration Assistant at Health Care CorporationA health care and medical insurance corporation that provides a rull range of comprehensive private medical services in Israel.The Health Administration Assistant will assistant with a clinic's administration and gain experience in quality control.
Dental Assistant at Non-Profit Dental ClinicsTwo dental clinics specializing in modern dental surgeries and licensed and supervised by the Ministry of Health. The clinics are staffed by qualified and experienced dentists and serve 3,000 patients each month.The Dental Assistant will aid dentists and clinical staff during dental surgeries and general dental services in a non-profit environment.Interested in dentistry, pleasant, intelligent and social work oriented.
Therapeutic Assistant at a Horse Therapy FarmHorse TherapyLooking to hire someone who will participate in the horse therapy treatments going on at the farm.None
Health Content Creator and Designer for an Online Health PlatformThis company is a science-based consultancy firm in the health and well-being segment which focuses on driving behavior change in patients, consumers, and caregivers. It pairs engaging content to clients based on the client's adherence profile.This company is looking to hire a Content Creator. The Content Creator will research a specific area of health and then create readable, educational content on that topic area. Depending on background, the Content Creator will also work with graphic design, web design, and activation of marketing compaigns.Strong research skills/Psychology or anthropology background/Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
Medical Researcher for a Prestigious Medical SchoolThe anesthesiology and critical care department of on one of the biggest and most prestigious Israeli university's School of Medicine. They provide resuscitation services throughout the entire Medical Center and provide anesthesia and sedation services.The Researcher will assist with medical research in the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. He will also observe open abdominal surgeries.Biology major with an interest in medical research.
Assistant Research for a Cultural Comparison StudyAn academic clinician, senior faculty member at a leading Jerusalem hospital, as well as an adjucnt professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. She has conducted mutliple research projects in the past and has published her findings in the Journal of Obstetrical, Gynecological, and Neonatal Nursing, the Journal of Transcultural Nursing and more.The Assistant Researcher will assist in the pilot stage of a cultural comparison study regarding knowledge, health care and cancer beliefs. Research will include topics like cancer screening adherence rates for breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and skin cancer of men and women, Israeli, Arab, and Palestinians. Candidates who already have their GCP will also conduct interviews.Strong writing skills. A professional writing sample must be provided.
Assistant Researcher for a Breastfeeding StudyAn academic clinician, senior faculty member at a leading Jerusalem hospital, as well as an adjucnt professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. She has conducted mutliple research projects in the past and has published her findings in the Journal of Obstetrical, Gynecological, and Neonatal Nursing, the Journal of Transcultural Nursing and more.The Assistant Researcher will help with research regarding breast feeding. Tasks may include formatting future questionnaires in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, interviewing post-partum mothers by phone at specific months postpartum, and to see the difference as the babies progress.Female with a GCP already completed. Certificate to be made available for submission to IRB. Strong writing skills necessary. A sample of professional writing must be provided. Spoken and written English, Hebrew a plus.
Optometry Lab ResearcherA Jerusalem based Optometry office.The Researcher will work in the optometry lab and help in the preparation of lenses, cutting lenses and fitting into frames. He will also instructs clients on how to put on contact lenses.Must have optometry lab experience, must know basic Hebrew.
Assistant Optometrist for an Optical BusinessTraveling optical business including visits to homes/educational institutions.The Assistant Optometrist will conduct comprehensive eye exams including examination of visual ability, vision and eye health. He will assess past and current medical history, determine risk factors, and assist other optometrists and staff.An optometry student nearly complete to his/her studies. Training will be provided.
PreClinical Associate for a Pharma Start UpDeveloping ophthalmic drug delivery products. The company's initial target development is a non-invasive punctal plug designed to release glaucoma drugs, controlled over a long period of time. Currently compliance is only about 30% with the eye drops containing the drugs, and as such glaucoma remains the leading cause of blindness. Eximore?s product will relieve the patients from the need to apply daily eye drops and will solve the compliance problem.The position includes work on design and execution of the company's pre-clinical studies.Pharmacy degree
Researcher for a Dental LabThis lab is researching skeletal mobility.Dental lab looking to hire researcher.Science Degree
Hematology Research PositionAn internationally famous Jerusalem hospitalYou will assist with research and tasks in the lab.Pre-Med grad interested in cord blood, bone marrow, stem cell research.
Lab Assistant at a Department of NeurologyThis department works on experimental models for human diseases, mainly multiple sclerosis. The Lab Assistant will assist in the research and be involved in animal handling, scoring neurological status, shadowing in steretoxic rodent surgery, and pathological and molecular evaluations.Background in medicine or biology. Comfortable with animal experimentation for medical research purposes.
Animal Assistant on a Horse Therapy FarmAn animal center that is both a zoo and a private animal therapy clinic.The Animal Assistant will wash and feed the animals, assist with the cleaning of the cages, and other daily animal-related tasks.
Therapy Assistant on a Horse Therapy FarmAn animal center that is both a zoo and a private animal therapy clinic.The Therapy Assistant will assist with animal therapy.
Research Assistant at the Maternal Child Division of a Prestigious HospitalA prestigious research hospital located in Jerusalem.The Researcher Assistant will aid the research aspects of the school and hospital, perform manuscript preparation and publication, literature search for grants, and edit written materials and research.Good writing skills, articulate, and detail oriented. Scientific background is not mandatory, however good English literary skills are essential. Computer skills are also required. Preferably a minimum of 2 years of academic experience/college matriculation.
Academic Research Assistant for Clinical Sexuality PublicationsThis Academic Researcher is a clinician with two active clinics focused on sexuality and intimacy counseling. She publishes on the topic and lectures extensively.This Researcher is looking to hire a Research Assistant to assist in the preparation of manuscripts for publication in international journals. Work will include reading, research, writing, organization, and proper scholastic referencing.Solid background in writing reference-based reviews of literature and be skilled in doing searches for literature. Degree in pre-med, nursing or psychology preferred. High work ethics, ability to work independently. The employee will be asked to provide an example of academic writing with references for evaluation.
Researcher and Data Acquirer for a Global Network of the Cannabis IndustryThis company is building a global network of innovative cannabis companies worldwide.This company is looking to hire a researcher to assist with time sensitive research projects. Project examples include event planning and researching the European cannabis market.Educational background or experience in medicine or chemistry.
Chiropractic Assistant for a Private Chiropractic ClinicThis chiropractic clinic is a state-of-the-art health facility which combines time-proven Chiropractic techniques with modern technology to treat neuromuscular, skeletal and visceral problems.The Chiropractic Assistant will aid with patient screenings, learn about different chiropractic ideologies, prepare and attend lectures, and more.Medical or chiropractic background Orthopedic students
Therapy Assistant on a Therapeutic FarmThis company helps teenagers who have dropped out of school to turn their lives around through a multi-layered educational process combining hands-on organic farming, leadership development, business learning, and community development.The Therapy Assistant will will work on this agricultural farm and talk with with students while they farm.Motivation, interest in our mission.
Psychology Development for a Web Safety AppThis company tackles the problem of Cyber bullying, by tracking fault language text messages sent\received from the child's smart phone device. We as a team decided to develop a solution to enabling parents to monitor their child's phone usage and thus increase their awareness to the bullying phenomena towards\by their child.Looking to hire a psychology or crinimal justice grad who will be doing research and determining what types of languages and word clusters could be qualified as malicious or stalking, in order to activate an alert to the parents.Psychology or criminology degree
The Veterinary Assistant for a Vet PracticeA veterinary clinic.The Veterinary Assistant will work side-by-side with this vet as he travels for home-care visits, treats animals in his clinic, and performs surgeries.Pre-vet or pre-med student
Research Assistant in an Alzheimer's FacilityIsrael's pioneer service provider caring for those plagued by and suffering from Alzheimer's disease or dementia along with offering appropriate services to their entire support system.The Research Assistant will aid with research related to healthy aging and management of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. His research will be supplemented with hands-on patient contact where he will work with Alzheimer's patients and learn techniquest to help prevent memory loss.Interest in research, geriatrics or medicine.
Elderly Shadow in an Alzheimers FacilityThis company is Israel's pioneer service provider caring for those plagued by, and suffering from Alzheimers disease or dementia, along with offering appropriate services to their entire support system.This company is looking to hire shadows to work one-on-one with Alzheimers patients. The shadow will learn techniques that help prevent memory loss, calm patients, and will spend time with the patients.A love for the elderly.
Research Assistant at Large Trauma CenterTrauma center that provides clinical and other interventions that heal and empower those exposed to traumatic life experiences. Work to increase the recognition and the treatment implications of psychological trauma.Assist with research of the center on the issue of traumaPsychology degree
Dental Assistant in a Jerusalem Dental ClinicDental OfficeThe candidate will be assisting in this Jerusalem dental clinic.Degree in Dentistry
Researcher and Developer for the Department of Clinical MicrobiologyAn academic medical center affiliated with one of the biggest and most prestigious Israeli university's School of Medicine.The Researcher and Developer will participate in the development of a new in-house test for detection of a pathogenic organism. He will also conduct research and write essays about the subject.Knowledge in Biology, Microbiology, Medicine. Some knowledge in Clinical Microbiology as well as in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is an advantage as well as hands-on micropipettes.
Therapeutic Project Assistant for a Mental Health Service NonprofitA nonprofit organization providing mental health services, social work, psychiatric rehabilitation, counseling and advice to adults with a range of mental health problems.The Therapeutic Project Assistant will work with highly functioning mentally ill people in a project providing independent opportunities to the adults. The work will include planting, watering and selling plants and spices alongside the mentally ill in the greenhouse therapeutic center.Background in therapy, special education, or psychology. Must like gardening/plants and not be afraid to get a little dirty, as well as having an interest in working with the mentally ill. Hebrew preferred.
Dental Assistant for a Leading Dentist HospitalAn oral radiology unit that is part of one of the most prestigious dentistry faculties in Israel. It interprets all types of intra and extra oral radiographies with radiological diagnosis of the maxillofical and oral regions. Radiology imaging includes intra and extra oral examination, plain film and digital, panorax, CBCT and sialography.The dental assissant will conduct sialography examinations including examing patients' disease progression and comparing different examination methods. He will perform statistics on the morbidity of patients who are referred for sialography examination, sort and interpret radiology cases, and examine cases and soft tissue data in CBCT in order to determine the ability to detects soft tissue organelle in CBCT studies.Dental students or graduates who already completed a course of basic radiology interpretation. Hebrew on a basic level could help in some of the projects proposed (at least knowing the alef-beth order), trustable person who will stay after opening hours in our radiology unit.
Chemistry Research PositionA researcher developing drugs and medications out of Hebrew UniversityThe projects the researcher will be involved are: 1. Investigating drug delivery systems for treating cancer- the project involve encapsulation of drugs into polymers and study the release profile of the drug from the delivery system and study the activity of the formulation. 2. Nanoparticles for delivery of drugs preparation of nanoparticles using an anhydrous process for the encapsulation of hydrophilic drugas. 3. Investigate the interactions of peptides and polymers, streointeractions and effect on polymer cyclization. 4. Development of chemical heat sensors which involves encapsulation of a volatile agent that upon heating releases the agent. The detection of the released agent is detected by electrical detection of the released agent.Science degree
Research Position in a Jerusalem Hospital Emergency RoomA state-of-the-art facility where all adult patients are cared for regardless of their medical condition. Patients are triaged by a senior nurse and treated by specialists in emergency medicine, internists, surgeons, orthopedists, etc. Consultations are obtained from the wide variety of specialists throughout the hospital as neccesary. The department includes the trauma & resuscitation center.Researchers in this position will have the opportunity to take part in ER research which will be published in medical journals. Interested candidates can also spend time in the ER and build up their resume for medical school applications.Pre-med or nursing background. Basic Hebrew necessary for candidates who want to spend time with patients in the ER.
Psychology Position at a Teen Intervention CenterA warm, welcoming place for at-risk teens. These teens, many from the street, are taught to make beautiful glass work, ceramics & jewelry. They are guided by a dedicated staff. Through this process they are able to develop a sense of self-worth and learn the life skills needed to find their place in society.The employee will be working together with these teens at risk, providing warmth and being a positive role model.Psychology degree
Vet Assistant for a Medical AuthorityThe biological-medical research authority at a prestigious Israeli university. It provides the university with the ability to better operate and develop the research means used in lab animals research.The Vet Assistant will work with animals as well as research and shadow animal surgeries in the clinic.Background in medicine or veterinary sciences. Comfortable with animal research and surgical shadowing.
Clincal Researcher in a Cancer Research CenterA cancer research center that operates as a national center for bone marrow transplantation and stem-cell-based medicine. The department uses stem cells from various sources including bone marrow, peripheral blood, umbilical cord blood and the placenta. The department includes a laboratory complex which is affiliated with with one of the most prestigious Israeli university's School of Medicine.The Researcher will experience medical and clinical work through participating in patient care, meeting patients, shadowing doctors, providing treatment, participating in staff meetings and rounds, and assisting the doctors with provision of treatment. The intern will be exposed and contribute to basic and clinical research which takes place in the department and write medical reports.From a pre-medical or medical background.
Research Assistant for a Doctor of PsychologyThis company enables people with visual impairment to know which objects are around them and where they are located. Users also gain a new form of perceptual experience of their visual elements through a new sensory language composed of musical notes and speech.The Research Assistant will read and review articles for meta-analytic review and proof articles for publication.BA in psychology, research experience preferred
Administrative AssistantThis company is a training institute for mental health professionals at all levels and runs a clinical internship program that services the general public.This company is looking to hire an administrative assistant.High level English, office experience and/or interest in psychology.
Neurobiology ResearcherResearch laboratory at a prestigious medical school doing basic animal research on neurobehavioral birth defects: neural mechanism and therapy with neural stem cells.The Researcher will work with and assist other members of the lab. Most of the work is in immunocytochemistry, stem cell transplantation, molecular evaluation and behavioral testing. The work is done on chick embryos and newly hatched chicks.Knowledge of biology with a background in biochemistry/molecular biology is helpful. Interest in animal behavior (experimental psychology) is also helpful.
Assistant Veterinarian at an Animal Medical CenterThis Jerusalem zoo has an incredible zoological collection which is maintained under optimal living conditions in an effort to preserve rare animals and species threatened with extinction. Prominently featured in the collection are animals from the Land of Israel, with special emphasis on those species mentioned in the Bible.This zoo is looking to hire an Assistant Veterinarian to assist in the clinic, take photographs of animals for advertisements, and take part in zoo activities (volunteering courses, zoo outings, and staff events). He will assist the zoo keepers in the daily routine of animal care.Animal lover, background in biology or veterinary sciences.
Researcher for a Parkinsons Wellness CenterTikvah for Parkinson was established as a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the physical and emotional needs of the 10,000+ people living with Parkinsons in greater Jerusalem.This company is looking to hire a medical researcher to assist with Parkinsons Research.Degree in biology or related field.
Doctor and Nurse Assistant at a Senior HomeA nursing home for religious seniors from Israel and from all over the world. It has a fully equipped clinic with professional staff that includes specialist physicians and nurses, social workers, and community workers.The Doctor and Nurse assistant will assist the medical staff in performing daily rounds rounds, aiding in their daily geriatric work, and taking patients' blood pressure and temperatures.Pre-med/ medical students, or in nursing school. Patience for older people. Must have good Hebrew.
Immunology and Cancer Research AssistantThis company conducts extensive immunology and cancer research. Research topics include a spectrum of topics in cellular and biochemical immunology, molecular cell biology and genetics, cancer biology and immunology, the biology of autoimmune and immunodeficiency disorders, immuno-genetics and transplantation immunity.Assist in an Immunology and Cancer Research lab.Educational background or experience in biology and/or research.
Position at a Top Bio Med Lab in JerusalemWe have commercialized rapid, cell-based clinical diagnostics and monitoring tests, as well as cell characterization assays for T-cell therapies. Our Accellix Platform represents a significant advance in flow cytometry: an affordable, automated, easy to use, benchtop instrument built for the clinical IVD environment. Develop compact testing equipment to detect various deficiencies and life-threatening infections, like HIV/AIDS, Sepsis, etc... cartridge-based testing - on the spot, results in 20 mins. For use in medical facilities and in the filed. An alternative to flow cytometryTBDDegree in Biology. Semester student only
Researcher for a Drug Delivery SystemThis company is a technological innovator of slow release drug delivery systems in the drug delivery market focused on the trans-mucosal route and specialising in female healthcare.Assist the company with innovative research in the slow release drug delivery market.Degree in biology and/or pharmacy.
Assistant/ResearchUrgent Care FacilitiesAssisting Drs or working in the internal research departmentpremed or interested in research
Nutritionist at a Women's Health CenterThis company is the first and only nonprofit organization in Israel focused on prevention-based medical care and health promotion for Jewish women.Looking to hire someone who will work with nutritional reading and writing, as well as participate in any nutrition groups.Degree in nutrition
Position at a Center of Chinese MedicineThe Center of Chinese Medicine is at the forefront of advanced complimentary medicine services in Israel. The center combines routine medical care together with Chinese medicine, and promotes cooperation with international medical centers, researchers and medical experts in Israel and abroad, and has been achieving impressive results with its many patients.The employee will either work with marketing and promoting the clinic, or with internal management and guiding of the clinic's practices.-Passion/interest in health, nutrition, medicine, etc.
Health Researcher for a Wellness ClinicThis Center promotes cardiovascular health in women at every societal level in israel. It is also involved in translational research, health care provider education, and a coordinated effort to develop and awareness campaign and to influence public policy.The Health Researcher will assist with projects including nutrition, public health, and empowering wome's health within communities. He will also upgrade the Center's English website and write health articles.Basic Hebrew skills, background in nutrition, public health, or pre-med
Public Health Researcher for an Ethiopian Social Justice OrganizationA social justice non-profit organization that strives to enable full integration of the Ethiopian-Israeli community and provide social and educational opportunities to Ethiopian-Israeli teenagers. It operates in 23 communities across Israel and serves over 4,000 youths in its youth centers and its scholastic assistance programs.The Public Health Researcher will be review and improve the nutrition element of the program.Background in public health or nutrition.
Dynamic Nutritionist for a Holistic Nutrition PracticeJerusalem Nutritionist is a new holistic nutrition practice in Jerusalem. It aims to holistically treat physical imbalances and medical conditions with food, herbs, and other alternative healing practices. Its approach is gentle, balanced, and effective.This company is looking to hire to a nutritionist. Tasks will include advertising, marketing, and research as well as organizing major health events and nutrition classes.Applicants must have a background in health, an understanding of social media, and be a team player.
Nutrition Assistant for a GymThe largest and most modern men's only fitness center in Jerusalem.The Nutrition Assistant will work with a nutritionist and meet his own clients to review diets and meal plans.Male candidates only, educational background in health or nutrition.
Nutritionist for the Ministry of HealthThe Israel Health MinistryLooking to hire someone who will be tasked with a variety of health and nutrition based research projects.Nutrition background.
Disability Specialist for an Association that Assists People with DisabilitiesThis company is a non profit association that provides residential, leisure-time, and family services for persons with intellectual disabilities and developmental impairments who are of all ages and levels of functioning and supports their families. The organization believes in every person's right to enjoy suitable, formal and informal education, maintain a valued social role, exert full autonomy, and live a dignified life in his/her community of origin or in the one he/she chooses to live in.The Disability Specialist will assist the members with their daily tasks and help them learn life skills.Patience for children with limited verbal skills and behavioral problems; enjoy playing with children
Occupational Therapy Researcher for a Doctor of OTAn academic researcher and doctor of occupational therapy.The Occupational Therapy Researcher will conduct literature reviews regarding specific subjects related to the occupational therapy field as a basis for articles being written.Background in OT or medicine helpful.
Speech Patholgy Intern for a Private Speech PathologistThis speech organization works in a number of special education preschool programs as a speech language pathology and supervisor of other speech/language therapists.The Assistant Speech Pathologist will assist the speech/language therapist and eventually take on his own clients. Therapy will be provided in Hebrew to improve the clients' speech and language needs.Minimum of a Master's degree, or Master's eligible without having completed the number of supervised preschool speech and language hours requirement for the degree.
Occupational Therapist for a Large HospitalA large hospital in Jerusalem.This hospital is looking to hire an Occupational Thearpist to work alongside other occupational therapists and participate in research as needed.Degree in Occupational Therapy
Hydrotherapist for a Handicapped Adults FoundationA foundation assisting thousands of physically impaired adults suffering from neuromuscular disorders such as infantile paralysis, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy.This Handicapped Adults Foundation is looking to hire a Hydrotherapist to assist the residents with water therapy and water exercises.Degree in hydrotherapy, responsible and have patience for children with special needs. Must know basic Hebrew.
Art/Music Therapist for a Handicapped Adults FoundationA foundation assisting thousands of physically impaired adults suffering from neuromuscular disorders such as infantile paralysis, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy.Conduct art or music therapy sessions for clients.Background in either art or music therapy.
Occupational Therapist for a Handicapped Adults FoundationA foundation assisting thousands of physically impaired adults suffering from neuromuscular disorders such as infantile paralysis, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy.Conduct occupational therapy sessions for clients.Background in occupational therapy, with some experience. Must be responsible and have patience for children with special needs. Must know basic Hebrew.
Physio-Therapy Assistant for a Handicapped Adults FoundationA foundation assisting thousands of physically impaired adults suffering from neuromuscular disorders such as infantile paralysis, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy.Assist the physical therapists and help the residents with their exercises.Background in physical therapy, with some experience. Must be responsible and have patience for children with special needs. Must know basic Hebrew.
Speech Therapy Assistant for a Handicapped Adults FoundationA foundation assisting thousands of physically impaired adults suffering from neuromuscular disorders such as infantile paralysis, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy.The Speech Therapy Assistant will aid the speech therapists.Background in speech therapy, with some experience. Must be responsible and have patience for children with special needs. Must know Hebrew.
Speech Therapy and Classroom Assistant in a Special-ed SchoolThis school is a special-needs school that caters for students with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and other muscular diseases. The aim of the learning program is to advance the students in the particular fields of study, and to teach them to function independently and to maximize the students self-management. The program takes into account the differences between the individual students and great effort is made to create a personalized program for each student in the fields of study, rehabilitation, physical needs, and emotional welfare.The Speech Therapy and Classroom Assistant will assist the speech therapists, work in the clasrooms, create communication calendars, and help with administrative work.
Music Therapist for a Special-ed SchoolThis school is a special-needs school that caters for students with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and other muscular diseases. The aim of the learning program is to advance the students in the particular fields of study, and to teach them to function independently and to maximize the students self-management. The program takes into account the differences between the individual students and great effort is made to create a personalized program for each student in the fields of study, rehabilitation, physical needs, and emotional welfare.This school is looking to hire a music therapist to work with children through music groups and other music oriented activities.Medicine
Physical Therapy PositionChildren's rehab center for children with severe neurological and muscular disabilities.Assist physical therapists with therapy sessions. Possibly have rotations with other departments.PT degree. Experience with special education, childcare a plus.
Physical Therapist in a Jerusalem HospitalMeuhedet hospital with a large geriatric concentration.This hospital is looking to hire a Physical Therapist to lead group exercise activities in the geriatric department.Background in PT and exercise.
Physiotherapist assistant at a Jerusalem HospitalWe provide physiotherapy services to all hospital departments, as well as inpatient, outpatient and sport rehabilitation. We also operate a pool which is used for physiotherapy and some advanced rehabilitation and research systems.Looking to hire someone who will have the opportunity to operate the robotic gait rehabilitation system, and will be supervising patients in the rehabilitation gym and while they exercise with virtual reality systems. Interns will also be helping patients from the rehabilitation ward to the physiotherapy department and assisting in the movement laboratory. They will also have the option of assisting physiotherapists in the pool. physical therapy degree
Physical Therapist Position at a Special Education SchoolSpecial education school for children ages 1-3 with various mental and physical handicaps.Assist with therapy for children.PT interest, special ed interest.
Physical TherapistThis physical therapy clinic specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction, lymphedema and orthopedics.This company is looking to hire an physical therapist to assist in therapy sessions.Degree in Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy Assistant for a Sports Medicine ClinicThe Jerusalem Sports Medicine Institute was established in 2004 by Yonatan Kaplan. It is the only sports rehabilitation clinic of its kind in Israel, where sportspersons are treated within and utilize all the modern facilities of an ultra-modern sports facility. Apart from the high-quality, evidence-based clinical services provided, the clinical team is continually involved in research trials and projects, thus raising rehabilitation standards and striving to further excellence in sports medical research investigation. Suitable orthopedic equipment and rehabilitation products are provided to further enhance the treatment process.The Physical Therapy Assistant will observe patient care and assist in tasks. He will also conduct research.Wants someone already in PT school or undergraduate junior or senior studying Kinesiology Only pre-PT not pre-OT
Hydrotherapist at a Nursing HomeA nursing home for religious seniors from Israel and from all over the world. It has a fully equipped clinic with professional staff that includes specialist physicians and nurses, social workers, and community workers.This nursing home is looking to hire a hydrotherapist to assist in its pool with hydrotherapy and water exercises.Degree in hydrotherapy, capable of assisting with water therapy, or able to give an exercise class in the water. Must have good Hebrew skills.
Physical Therapy Assistant at a Nursing HomeA nursing home for religious seniors from Israel and from all over the world. It has a fully equipped clinic with professional staff that includes specialist physicians and nurses, social workers, and community workers.The Physical Therapy Assist will aid physical therapists, work with the elderly, and help with physical therapy exercises.Background in physical therapy, warm and patient personality, must have good Hebrew skills.
Special Needs Shadow for a Special Needs OrganizationThe Association for Conductive Education in Israel for children with cerebral palsy and motor dysfunctions, and their family members. 'This is an Israeli organization founded by families and professionals dedicated to the rehabilitation of children, adolescents, and young adults with cerebral palsy and other motor dysfunctions.Work hand in hand with students of special needs in all areas. You can work together with therapists, or work together with the students, take them out for events and activities, etc.Background or experience in special education.
Pharmacy Assistant for a Managed Care FirmA Pharmacy Benefit Administrator (PBA) that looks beyond traditional practices to design, optimize, and transform prescription drug benefit programs to deliver guaranteed measurable savings.The Pharmacy Assistant will review claims submitted by pharmacies, assist in drug negotiations with the pharmacies, and help pharmacies discover new savings and review claims submitted for reimbursement.6th year pharmacy student
Research Assistant in a Pharmacy LabA pharmacy lab at Hebrew University studying allergies and allergic reactions.The Research Assistant will conduct research and experiments primarily involcing medications relating to allergies and allergic reactions.Medical or pharmacy background.
Pharmacy Assistant in a Leading Jerusalem HospitalThe Pharmacy Department provides comprehensive pharmacy services, which promote high quality and cost effective drug use for all patients of Shaare Zedek Medical Center.The Pharmacy Assistant will assist with psychotropic medication preparation and TBN preparation. He will gain exposure to the hospital pharmacy, will work with patients, and potentially join hospital department rotations.6th year pharmacy student only
Assistant ResearcherThis lab focuses on research into the biological basis of major psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder and neurodegenerative disorders such as vascular dementia. It uses molecular and bioinformatic approaches with a strong emphasis on animal models.The Assistant Researcher will assist the biology lab team with its work.Degree in Biology, neuoscience, or pre-med.
Chemist at an Applied Chemistry InstituteAn institute within one of the most prestigious Israeli university's Institute of Chemistry offering degrees in Applied Chemistry. The Institute's staff conduct research and development in a wide range of topics of concern to the chemical, biotechnology and related industries.The Chemist will assist in the preparation of a new drug delivery system based on lyotropic liquid crystals (LLCs) and microemulsions. Tasks will include measurement of the drug release rate and physicochemical characterization of the new systems.Background in chemistry.
Lab Assistant for a Biotech FirmThis biotech company focuses on developing cell therapies for retinal and neural degenerative disease.The Lab Assistant will assist with research and other lab duties.Biology background, research skills, lab skills.
Biology Assistant for a Drug Development CompanyThis company develops drugs for treating inflammatory pathologies. It is currently filing three applications to the FDA for clinical studies: Type 2 Diabetes, Psoriasis, and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.The Biology Assistant will work with the development team on different tasks.An educational background in biology.
Researcher for a Science CompanyThis startup is developing innovative diagnostic treatment and rehabilitation tools to increase the capacity of people impacted by visual processing and visual cognition differences and deficits. It is currently developing a non-pharma based therapeutic approach to addressing visual cognition-related issues.The Researcher will assist the team with visual processing treatment and research.Background in Psychology, visual processing and cognition, neuroscience.
Researcher for a Neurobiology DepartmentThis is a brain science lab linking perception, memory and action.This company is looking to hire a researcher to assist with the lab's research projects.Degree in biology or neuroscience. Research experience is a must.
Researcher for a Doctor of PsychologyA researcher studying the relations between psychological phenomena and their underlying physiological mechanismsThe Researcher will assist with conducting an MRI experiment - teaching the participants tasks, monitoring them, and more. He will also assist with other lab work.Previous lab experience preferred
Researcher in a Cancer Research LabThis lab is studying the signaling of inflammation and cancer through genetically-modified mice.This lab is looking to hire a researcher to assist with cancer research.Minimum of two years college study of cell biology, immunology and genetics
Psychology Research Assistant for a Perception and Memory LabA researcher based out of Hebrew University focusing on visual perception and working memory.The Psychology Research Assistant will join the researcher and his team doing hands-on lab research.Lab experience is preferred.
Researcher for a Geography LabThe main objective of the Lab at the Department of Geography (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) is to investigate hydrological and meteorological systems at different space-time scales and their interactions utilizing in-situ and remote sensing information, experimental field sites, mathematical models and advanced computational techniques. Research at the Lab includes rainfall-runoff analysis, radar hydrology, hydrological processes and models, climate change and their impacts on different environmental systems, radar quantitative precipitation estimation, droughts, and flash-flood generation processes.This lab is looking to hire a researcher to joing a team researching concerns related to rainfall spatial distribution.Degree in geography or a related field including experience with MATLAB, spatial statistics, and computer programming.
Lab ResearcherWe are interested in understanding cellular mechanisms involved in decision-making and information processing. Our research is based on the use of systematic studies for understanding complex phenomena. Much of our focus is on transcriptional regulation, and how it is mediated on different levels. Our work combines algorithm development, data analysis and experimental data collection.Assist in cellular mechanisms research of a famed university.Previous research experience
Science Researcher at Hebrew UniversityMy research aims at extending the duration of reliable weather forecasts, and to then explore how the dynamical processes that are important on these short timescales may manifest on longer, climate-change timescales. The traditional approach to weather forecasting on one- to two-week timescales utilizes weather forecasting models, but on timescales longer than two weeks, the value of deterministic (or ensemble-based probabilistic) forecasts weakens. This is due to the presence of chaotic variability in the atmosphere. Yet certain modes of variability in the climate system have timescales longer than this two-week threshold, and the key to longer-scale prediction is to take advantage of these modes. By understanding the impacts of these modes of variability on surface weather, the potential for improved forecasts on a monthly timescale can be demonstrated and eventually realized. As many of these processes may be modified under climate change (or alternately, climate change may project onto these climate modes), a better understanding of these modes can also help improve the quality of climate change projections.Looking to hire someone who work closely with a professor at Hebrew University, doing research in the field of atmospheric science.Degree in physics, applied math, computer science, meteorology, or a related field.
Biology Research Assistant for an Israeli LabAn international medical research facility which conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of biomedicine. The Institute conducts basic research on genes and proteins that control fundamental processes in living cells to unlock the mysteries of disease and find the keys to their causes, treatment, and prevention.The Biology Research Assistant will conduct reasearch in the lab.Genomics, system biology, computer science, math.
Lab Reseacher in a Microbiology and Molecular Genetics LabThis lab researches parasetic diseases.This lab is looking to hire a researcher for microbiology and molecular genetics research.Interest in parasetic disease, previous lab experience
Lab Position for a BioPharmaceutical CompanyWe are an international biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel. We are a spin-out from Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center and have received start-up financial support from the Israel Office of the Chief Scientist. We have operations in: Israel; Phoenix, Arizona USA; and, Bangkok, Thailand. We use knowledge of how the immune system works to protect us from disease and translate this knowledge into products that harness the power of the immune system to treat cancer and infectious diseases.Assist lab team with experiments, research.Biology, Microbiology, lab skills, research skills
Science Position for a Communications High-Tech CompanyA hi-tech company specializing in the design and implementation of complex communication systems.Work at a Tech startup building reports in Excell via MacroScience Degree
Forensics Researcher for a Private Forensics AgencyAn Institute involved in forensic research relating to forensic analysis for legal reasons, forgery in civilian cases, factual analysis, chemical analysis and more.This company is looking to hire a forensic researcher to work in his area of expertise (biology, chemistry, of forensics).Degree in biology, chemistry, or forensics.
Biology Researcher for a Pharma CompanyAn emerging biopharmaceutical company with a product portfolio of powerful non-steroidal topical oral anti-inflammatory therapies with superior efficacy and safety to current periodontal treatments.The Researcher will join the R&D team of this emerging biopharma company and aid in the development of its products.Strong background in biology or chemistry. Lab experience very, very strongly preferred.
Biology Assistant for a Science CompanyThis company specializes in Aqua culture vaccines development and manufacturing. Its objective is to ensure fish health all over the world.The Biology Assisstant with help with vaccination of fish.Biology major
Physical Stimulation for a Technology CollegeA science based university in JerusalemThe employee will be assisting in this physics lab with physical stimulations.Second year physics or higher.
Chemistry Researcher at a Lab of an International UniversityPeptide chemistry, Inorganic-organic interfaces, Single molecule force spectroscopy, Bimolecular self-assembly. The research in the lab focuses on the fundamental rules that govern protein adsorption using single molecule force spectroscopy by AFM. Using this system we study the interactions between protein, peptides and amino acids and inorganic surfaces.The Chemistry Researcher will assist with lab work in a chemistry lab.Degree in Chemistry lab experience
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Research InternThis lab lab is studying fundamental questions in the cell cycle field which have implications to cancer research, transcription regulation and chromatin organization.You will be joining the post-doc students in this Microbiology and Molecular Genetics lab.Previous lab experience a must.
Bioengineering Research PositionTheir group is focused on the development of high throughput microfabricated platforms for the study of liver development, regeneration, and metabolism.This company is interested in hiring a researcher to assist with metabolic programming. Research includes undestanding how liver cells process information and make metabolic decisions.Lab experience
Neuroscience Position in a Research LabThe Meshorer lab is studying chromatin and epigenetics in embryonic and neuronal stem cells and reprogramming and are using human pluripotent stem cells to model human neurodegenerative diseases.Work under a PhD student in this lab, learning more about different aspects of neurologyEducational background in neurology
Biotechnologist for a BioTech FirmNovellusDx identifies tumor specific driver mutations, however unlike sequencing-based tests, our technology is based on a functional assay that detects disregulated translocation of mutated signaling proteins to the nucleus. This allows NovellusDx to identify functionally-impactful driver mutations regardless of whether the mutation has previously been described or linked to a tumor type. Furthermore, our assay has the capability of measuring the impact of a drug or drug candidate on a specific tumor, specifically in terms of its ability to inhibit the up-regulated signaling protein translocation to the nucleus.Employees will be working in one of the following fields: 1 - Microscopy. 2 - SQL data basing. 3 - Image processing. 4 - Business/communications. 5 - Graduated candidates who are doing a gap year before medical school would be given important research projectsBS in Biology, Biotechnology or any pre-med field
Researcher for a Professor of OceanographyThis professor is a researcher at a top ranked university.The Researcher will assist a physicist oceanography professor with his research. Research could include topcs like collecting data and hypotheses on the Messinian salinity crisis in the Mediterranean Sea and attempting to provide physical constraints on its possible causes.Educational background in oceanography.
Nanotechnology Researcher for a R&D Engineering FirmThe firm boasts a world-class technology team that brings its award-winning expertise, experience and innovation in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology to the fields of general lighting, displays and more. The company is driven by scientific heavyweights such as Professor Uri Banin from the Institute of Chemistry and the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and other eminent scientists specializing in nanotechnology, electro optics and material sciences.The researcher will be assigned a project to work on based on the ongoing R&R work of the company.Background in chemistry, physics
Forestry Assistant for the Jewish National Fund
An outdoor reserve located very close to Jersualem.
The Forestry Assistant will tend agricultural terraces and guide visitors at the site.Interest in forestry and the outdoors. Very early hours
Biology Research Assistant in a Sociobiology LabThe main research interests of the group are the evolution and mechanisms underlying sociality and social behavior. It studies bees as a model.The Biology Research Assistant will work under a PhD student and research the DNA sequencing and the sociality of bees.Biology, sociology background. Lab experience preferred.
Botany Assistant in a Jerusalem GardenA network of gardens throughout Jerusalem.The Botany Assistant will work with plants throughout Jerusalem nurseries and community gardens.
Gardener at a Botanical GardensThis Garden is unique as an ecological conservatory for a diverse collection of plant groups, preserving authentic Israeli species within their natural habitats from around the country. It is an enchanting natural hideaway within an urban landscape, a sanctuary for many animals and endangered plant species.Company looking to hire a gardener to work outside with plants and other wildlife in the garden.Educational background or experience in botany.
Neuroscience Lab PositionDeciphering the function of the claustrum & uncovering the molecular, synaptic and circuit mechanisms encoding experience.Assist in lab with experiments and research.biology degree, neuroscience background, lab experience.
Research Assistant in a Genetic LabCell division is regulated by multiple phosphorylation events as well as by ubiquitin mediated degradation of many key cell cycle proteins. Their lab focuses on several components of the machinery that regulates these events in order to enhance our understanding of mitosis, cytokinesis and G1.Work under this genetics researcher and his students as they research cell cycles and develop live cell imaging methods.Previous lab experience preferred
Researcher at a Physics InstituteA physics institute located within a prestigious Israeli university that is the center for all research and teaching in the various fields of physics. Fields include astrophysics, high energy physics, quantum physics, nuclear physics, solid state physics, laser and plasma physics, biophysics, non-linear physics, and nanophysics. Both experimental and theoretical research is carried on in these fields.The Researcher will be placed in a physics lab in the institute depending on his/her interest and qualifications. He/she will assist with lab work and research and assist professionals and academics in the field, but specific roles will be based on the background and abilities of the intern. Roles may include working in the following fields: theoretical physics, experimental physics, computational analysis, quantum physics, astrophysics and relativity, biophysics and interdisciplinary physics, condensed matter physics, high energy physics, nanophotonics and optics, nonlinear physics, nuclear and few body systems, and more.Completion of second year of Physics studies. Seniors and graduates preferred.
Lab AssistantA nano fabrication unit in a prestigious Israeli university which prepares high-quality nanoscale structures and devices. These enable the connection of nanoscopic objects to the macroscopic world. The unit provides equipment for nano-chemistry purposes and for modern microelectronics.The Lab Assistant will create digital versions of every MSDS (safety instruction) for every chemical in teeh laboratory. These digital versions will ultimatly be included on the website.The lab assistant must know how to work with Microsoft Office and website tools It would be very helpful if the intern will have technical background (chemistry) Methodic and organized person that is capable to take a task from the beginning till the end.
Agricultural Research Assistant for a Jerusalem AgriculturistA nature project involving the rescue of indigenous plant species from construction sites.The Agricultural Research Assistant will assist in the research for a publication about plant genetics.
Weather Researcher for a Innovative Meteorology CompanyA weather forecasting and weather research firm that uses innovative technology to predict sever weather. It evaluates the evolution of the hydrological balance in areas and how weather changes in response to global warming.The Weather Researcher will use new techology to predict the weather.Familiarity with computer programming (e.g, FORTRAN, if possible), EXCEL, Powerpoint. An interest in scientific research.